Berkeley Lab Heavy Element Group

A picture of the FIONA spectroscopy station. It shows three clover germanium detectors and one Low Energy Germanium detector that surround a silicon detector cube. Here we investigate the nuclear structure of the heaviest elements. In the background is the FIONA mass analyzer.Jacklyn Gates and Ken Gregorich "working" on the FIONA mass analyzer.Greg Pang in front of stage 1 of the FIONA mass analyzer. Here we stop atoms, trap them and reaccelerate them towards the mass analyzing portion of FIONA.Greg Pang and Jacklyn Gates assembling a new silicon detectorA picture of the Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator (BGS). You can see the beamline, the differential pumping system that separates the 0.5 torr He of the BGS from the vacuum of the cyclotron and beamline. Next is the target surrounded by a glovebox and then three large magnets that separate ions of interest from beam and unwanted reaction products.

Welcome to the Heavy Element Group, part of the Nuclear Science Division (NSD) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The Heavy Element group runs a research program centered on studying the nuclear and chemical properties of the heaviest elements with Z≥100. These elements do not exist naturally here on Earth and must be made in particle accelerators. Our research is primarily carried out our local facility, the 88-Inch Cyclotron at LBNL where we have the capabilities to make and then study these rare heavy elements.

Superheavy Elements

Mass Measurements

Heavy Element Chemistry

Nuclear Structure

Actinide Target Production

Berkeley Gas-filled Separator

FIONA Mass Anlayzer

Spectroscopy Stations

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